Saturday, August 18, 2012

By The Sea

By The Sea

By The Sea by elbonner featuring stud earrings

I bet your thinking "Oh god, not more beach crap", but hey, I love it and if a lot people didn't also love it this stuff wouldn't exist. Now that I've yelled at my readership, I really do love simple, fun accessories. I'm not into lots of glitz and jewels and anything that any of the Real Housewives wear to pilates. I like things that add some fun to your outfits without saying "LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY I HAVE". That's not to say I don't like bright things because I definitely do, I just like more subdued pieces. The only exception to this rule are bib necklaces. They're loud and fun, but if over accessorized they'll make you look like a kid who's gotten into grandmas 80s jewelry box.

Starting clockwise from the right:

Chan Luu wrap bracelet
Chan Luu cotton friendship bracelets
Moda Operandi stacked ring
ASOS Spiked stud earring
Moda Operandi Rose Hall Necklace
Rockabella Gold-dipped shark tooth earrings

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