Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer time? More Like Bummer Time...

Orange You Glad...

Orange You Glad... by elbonner featuring essie nailpolish

The past few weeks have been nothing but thunderstorms, 90+ degree weather and lots and lots of WORK, therefore making an enjoyable summer time almost impossible. Today is the first day that hasn't been so hot I have pit stains by the time I get to my car, but it's cloudy and stormy-looking. Because that's totally depressing me (and it's looking like my week off is going to be a week of clouds) I'm featuring these fun and sunny nail polishes that make me yearn to be brought into the light! 

NARS for Thakoon- Lal Mirchi
 Essie- Tart Deco
Deborah Lippmann- Girls Just Want to Have Fun 
OPI- In My Back Pocket 
Zoya- Jancyn 

I'll have to keep my fiery fingers crossed that the sun will show it's face before I go crazy! If these polishes don't make you happy, then feast your eyes on this: 

Good day everyone!

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