Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Endless Summer by elbonner featuring neon bikinis

Summer is almost over, but there is nothing keeping me from dreaming of a tropical winter vacation. When it's a billion degrees here in Virginia I start yearning for fall weather then once it comes I immediately regret it. This is also the time of year to buy bikinis for a fraction of what they cost in the spring so here are a few of my favorite swimsuits from Summer 2012.

Going clockwise, the first bikini I have features is this ruched under wire bikini from J. Crew. These come in a variety of prints and styles, but I like this top because it's pretty to look at and holds everything up for you, no droopage! There's nothing worse than getting creeped on by guys who notice your accidental underboob before you do. Tie bottoms also give you the ability to accommodate a variety of circumferences. Have big ol' hips these kinds of bottoms are a god-send.

The next bikini is from Acacia Swimwear who specialize in teeny bikinis with fun prints and beautiful details. If you have major butt confidence then try them out, but with tops and bottoms sold separately at most retailers, you can modestly enjoy one of their bikini tops. They're a bit on the expensive side, but they can be mixed and matched with other pieces and the quality shows in the beautiful details. 

Every time I see a Mara Hoffman bikini I wish I had found some elderly oil baron so I could buy all of her stuff with little physical commitment to my "partner". Her prints are so fun and bright, perfect for summertime. The downside: expense. Her stuff is not cheap, so if you are financially set get yo'self one of her swimsuits for all us poor folk!

The great thing about Basta Surf bikinis is that almost all of them are reversible, that way you're getting two for the price of one. Their color combos are awesome and bright and fun for summer. Solid bikinis always look really good on everyone and these bikinis are bright and fun.I'm loving these flouncy, flowy tops this season. They're casual and just look really cool. Because they stay on well they make it easier to actually do things at the beach other than lay on the sand hoping to god nothing falls out after you've fallen asleep in your sun lounger (guilty as charged).

Everyone's bikini stand-by are Victoria's Secret bikinis. They are all over the place, come in a million colors and prints, and are reasonably priced. Last summer I bought a lot, I'm talk A LOT of Victoria's Secret bikinis because they were so versatile and came in a lot of neons. I don't care what anyone says, the revival of neons is the greatest thing to happen to me in the past 26 years, I LOVE THEM. They look great on everyone and keep you from looking boring. 

Last but not least, one-piece swimsuits have made a big comeback and are a far cry from the tank suits we all wore as a kid. This suit by Mikoh, one of my favorite new swimwear brands, makes it cool to wear a one-piece again. Mikoh's signature thing is the intricate knots and strings that decorate their suits. They're what you would wear if you wanted to look like the chicest most put-together honey badger on the beach. They come in a variety of colors and their bikinis are gorgeous too. 

I hope this was fun and/or helpful. Even though I'm no skinny mini I love buying swimsuits. Do you have a favorite swimwear brand that I didn't mention? Let me know! I'm always on the lookout for cool new stuff. In the meantime, start planning that February mental health trip to somewhere warm!

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