Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eye Eye Captain!

Eye Eye Captain!

Eye Eye Captain! by elbonner featuring Ray-Ban

In order to put this day from hell behind me, I've decided to talk about one of my favorite things: SUNGLASSES!
My love for sunglasses stems out of my eye's intolerance of the sun. They are like Dracula: they see the sun and retreat behind my eyelids leaving me as blind asa newborn kitten, but nowhere near as adorable. Without them I would be the Mr. Magoo of my day and I probably would have run over waaay more people with my car. Above is a selection of some of the glasses I own/glasses I would like to own!

Up top we have a pair by Opening Ceremony in a really bold tortoiseshell that's kind of like a more rounded Wayfarer. I like these glasses because they area bit more unique than a classic Wayfarer, but are still a classic shape that won't go out of style (I'm looking at you Oakley mp3 glasses)  

Next one down is probably the most famous and most popular, the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. I love these glasses and wear them almost every day. I have the old style fit which slants the frame into your face whereas my boyfriend has the "New Wayfarer" which sits parallel to your face. I like mine with the bigger frames because it makes me look like a movie star. These glasses look good on everyone, even my friend who claims that most sunglasses make her look like a stereotypical Asian tourist :( 

Another favorite from Ray-Ban is their Aviators that can have you spiking volleyballs with Ice Man as soon as you put them on. They make you want to grow a mustache and pull people over for a field sobriety test! Get them in any color, they WILL look awesome.

These next pair by House of Harlow 1960 are just gorg! If you couldn't already tell I'm kind of a tortoiseshell freak and these are just a different take on the pattern by adding a bit of lavender into the mix. The shape is slightly cat-eye and big enough to shield your precious eyes from crows-feet causing sunlight!

And who said Roxy sunglasses where for 13 year old girls? These Roxy glasses are chic as hell with chunky tortoiseshell frames (surprise) that also come in black. Probably one of the cheaper of the pack, these are a great pair that don't make you choose between fashion or eating cheerios all weekend.

Even though summer is slipping away, sunglasses are a year-round thing for most of us (sorry Alaska/Iceland :( ) that will always make you look cooler and allow you to stare at people without being seen as creepy. On that note, see you all later (if you can even tell!).

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