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Favorite Scents

Favorite Scents

Favorite Scents by elbonner featuring christian dior

I like smelling nice. I actually think my love of perfumes was born out of a crippling fear of smelling bad. No one wants to be that kind of funky. I like light fragrances, mostly fruity, that make me think of summertime and the beach (duh). These are a few of my favorite scents, not in any particular order:
1. Roxy Love by Roxy: This might be my favorite fragrance. It smells just like summertime; citrus, aquatic notes, tropical flowers, it's just really fun. It's not super fancy and it's just something I like to wear in the daytime. Since it is so citrusy it might not be your cup of tea once it gets cold out, but sometimes I'll wear it because it makes me think of drinking too much and falling down whilst wearing dresses!

2. Philosykos by Diptyque: This perfume is meant to smell like a fig orchard... AND IT DOES. Man is this stuff figgy. It smells like the wood of the fig tree, the leaves on the tree, and last, but not least, the fig itself! It'sa bit smokey, a bit fruity, it's great for nighttime! Diptyque makes a lot of unique scents and they're guaranteed to  be different from everyone else.

3. Set Sail Saint Barts by Tommy Bahama: This stuff smells like drinking a margarita on the beach, which happens to be my favorite pastime. It starts out really limey with a bit of salt, and then moves onto a bit of a citrusy floral that calms you down after a day of getting gagged on.

4. Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein: This next one I don't actually own because when I saw it I was window shopping because I was broke and overcome with sadness. I sprayed my little scent sampler card at Ulta, took a sniff, a had it literally stuffed up my nose the entire time I was there. I sounded like a crazed vagabond every time I smelled it, exclaiming "Oh Hell Yeah" out loud each time. I was in fact, by myself. This stuff is aquatic to the max, so fresh and watery! I'm crap at describing scents, but all I could think of was what I wish my bath water smelled like.

5. Miss Dior Cherie by Dior: This scent is straight up girlie and I love it. It makes me want to buy a ticket to Paris where I can eat baguettes and macarons and wear lots of winged eyeliner and hair ribbons. It's very sweet and floral and requires something chic and bright to be worn with it. It's safe to say that this will not go with the following looks: Goth, Shit-kicking Redneck, Axe murderer.

6. Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent: This one I think runs along the same line as Miss Dior Cherie, it's sweet, but still sophisticated. It's a nice floral that can go from day to night effortlessly and just makes you smell like a grown up.

7. Hesperides by Fresh: It's not Hess-per-ryds, it's Hess-per-id-ees! I've heard numerous reviews on YouTube for this perfume and people just butcher the pronunciation and it drives me insane. This stuff is VERY citrusy; we're talking grapefruit, lemon, lime, yuzu, yu-name it (I had to). This is a great pick-me-up when you're feeling tired. I went to the mall two days before my graduation looking for a dress. I actually went to three malls, two TJ Maxxes, and numerous stand-alone stores and found nothing. I was so upset I stopped at Sephora to get my mind off of my poor body image. I took a sniff of this and immediately felt re-energized to keep looking! 

8. Batucada by L'Artisan: This fragrance has been described as "Brazil in a bottle" and since I've never been to Brazil I can't really vouch for it. If my opinion of Brazil was shaped solely from this perfume, I think Brazil smells awesome. L'Artisan says it starts out as a limey caipirinha that blends into coconut and salt air, which once again, is right up my alley! It's fresh, but not so fresh that you can't wear it at night. Of course after a few caipirinhas who cares what you smell like!

I hope this was helpful, but I must say, personal fragrances are just that: personal. What I like may be totally gross to others so go out and smell stuff for yourself. One of my favorite places to sample frangrances is The Perfumed Court. They offer small sample vials of designer and expensive perfumes youmay be hesitant to drop $100 a bottle for. It's a great idea for people who may not live in areas where these products are sold in stores and give you a chance to try lots of stuff! Live long and smell nice! 

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