Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Outfit #2: What To Wear If You Want to Look Like a Bitch

Wedding Outfit #2

Wedding Outfit #2 by elbonner featuring yves saint laurent

Sometimes you just want to look better than everyone else. It's a fact of nature. While everyone else bought their dresses at TJ Maxx a week ago, you want to walk in looking like you eat those $1000 ice cream sundaes on a daily basis after going to Pilates with your other bitch friends. Being a bitch is not always a bad thing; you know what you want, you're ambitious, your shoes are going to hurt when you kick that valet driver for farting your car upon pick-up, it makes people fear and envy you. In an outfit like this you can transform yourself from a shy pushover to top dog in a matter of minutes. Top this look off with some big, but not too big, well coiffed hair and a fancy rare perfume and who knows, some eccentric millionaire might buy you an Audi!

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