Monday, October 29, 2012

Guess Who Still Has Power!

I may have just super-jinxed myself there, but whatever dark magic the power company is conjuring up must be working because I still have power. It's rainy and windy today and I feel like my street is the only one not under water (stop with the jinxing!). On the other hand my work place totally is so no work tomorrow either!

(This photo courtesy of someone on facebook)

So far this storm hasn't effected us much. The only things that have given us any minor inconveniences are the fact that I may actually have cabin fever and the framing around our living room window in leaking. I'm not talking the window; the water is coming through the goddamn wood! My boyfriend and I engineered a hold-back device composed of tape, paper towels, washcloths, and a few (a lot) of unpackaged tampons. This is the end result:

Maybe we'll win a nobel engineering prize! Well that's all that's happen so far. I'm blogging because I'm super bored. I'm sorry you had to see my tampon rain catcher :( Stay dry!

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