Sunday, December 23, 2012

Get Off Your Ass: Almost Everyone's New Years Resolution

The number one thing people put at the top at their New Years resolution list (at least here in the states) is to lose weight and get healthier. You can't do that without eating less and moving more. About 4 years ago I lost 40 lbs. by doing just that and my "secret" was this: workout videos. Yeah, I did some running and I ate tuna fish, salad, and smoothies for six months, but working out in the comfort of my own home helped me out a lot. If you are overweight and embarrassed of going to the gym or working out outside, this is a great alternative. The best thing is that I got most of my workout DVDs used on for something a third of the price of new ones. It allowed me to build up a collection of videos that helped me tone up and well as slim down and feel healthier. Here are a few of my favorites and why I like them:

This video worked because nothing motivates you to do better than watching morbidly obese people doing better than you at jump lunges. This video allows you to pick sections so that your workout can be between 30 and 50 minutes. Great for beginners or just a quick workout.

Yeah, Jillian is riding the coattails of her BL fame, but this video is great in a pinch. It's 18-20 minutes or work with little to no rest so you are moving the whole time. You start off with level one then after you are decent enough you move on to level two and so forth. This was great after a long day at work and I didn't feel like doing an hour long video.

Ok, this system has a corny name and Leodro is so fabulous and happy that you want to slap him for having fun doing walking lunges, but damn does this work your butt. I did not use this religiously as a part of the plan, I used it as a supplement to what I was already doing and if I wanted an extra butt workout. I'm really ADD when it comes to workout videos and get bored easily so switching things up keeps me interested in working out. Minimal equipment required and pretty fun to do.

If you can get past the eighties high-cut briefs on the cover as well as some seriously over processed blonde hair, Jari Love just wants to help you discover weights. Warning: her videos are long (60+ minutes), but great for a weekend or day-off workout that will burn some serious calories. I work my hear rate monitor for a few of her workouts and once burned 793 calories. That's nothing to make fun of and resistance training is what helps lean you out. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day. DO WEIGHTS for the love of god!

Other than the fact that I want Karena and Katrina's lives, this two-disc workout series is great for little bursts of exercise during the day if you can't commit more than 30 minutes. They're on the beach (plus), in Hawai'i (bigger plus), they have awesome hair (super plus), and they do all of the exercises with you (they're not whimps mega-plus). Their whole Tone It Up nutrition plan and workout videos are so comprehensive and wonderful, they've really done a great job.

Yoga may not be the best fat busting workout, but you HAVE to stretch. I hurt myself a few weeks ago because I didn't stretch afterwards and messed up my neck. This video not only stretches things out, but it's a great strengthener. Look at it as killing two birds with one stone. It's 60 minutes of strengthening yoga with a bonus 30 minute ab practice that is KILLER. Put them together and you'll be sore in the morning. I used to do this in my sun room in the summer time so it would get nice and hot like a free hot yoga class. I sweated a lot. It totally worked.

Holy Hell, who ever thought that teeny tiny movements could hurt so good? This video was a huge surprise and wake-up call for me. I thought I was pretty strong, but the barre-like moves in this 5 10-minute workouts had be shaking like crazy. There are no crazy moves, just tiny little movements repeated a lot to really work deep within your muscles. No weights, no equipment other than a chair or rolled-up towel. Try this, it will tighten and lift everything. Hardest ab workout I have EVER done.

I hope this list helps. I have a buttload more videos that I like to use, but these really stand out to me as the best of what I have. I also use MyFitnessPal on my iPhone to keep track of my calories which makes it so easy to keep yourself in check. Good luck everyone and get to stepping!

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