Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Minute Shoppers: Get Presents That Don't Suck

I say this from atop my high-horse, I got all of my Christmas shopping done about a month ago and have really only supplemented it with little things I think are fun along the way. If you are way too busy and have only got a few days to get your shit together, then you are in luck. Here are a few last-minute gift ideas for your loved ones:

Most major cities have a Sephora, and luckily Sephora has some great gift sets that give you lots of stuff for not that much money. I like this set because Lancome Hypnose is a tried-and-true good mascara. Plus you get a primer, liquid liner, and a makeup remover. I would totally want this!

Thank you again, Sephora. This palette has every neutral shade you need, plus a brush, plus a tiny adorable lip gloss. Unless you like wearing wild colors all the time and work as a circus clown/colorful stripper, this is really all the colors you'll ever need. 
Most dudes shave or have refused to since Movember. Guilt them into shaving off that beard with this fancy kit from Art of Shaving.It has a badger hair brush, shave cream, after shave balm, and pre-shave oil to make your dudes face smooth and classy.
Jack Black "Balm Squad" Balm Quad- Nordstrom
Everyone hates dry, crusty lips. Jack Black's (not from Kung-Fu Panda fame) lip balm is supposed to be the next best thing in lip care. With this set you can either give them all to one person or you can divvy them up and give them to four different people. It even gives you the opportunity to keep one for yourself!

These are fancy-ass candles that make for a fancy-ass gift. Diptyque has released two Christmas-themed candles, sapin dore that smells like Christmas trees, amber oud that smells spicy and seasonal, and oublian which smells like frankincense (baby Jesus approved). Diptyque candles always make a good gift because they look nice and everyone likes candles. If they don't like candles, too bad!
(available at Nordstrom or Saks 5th Ave)

If all-else fails, you can never go wrong with a nice scarf. It works for either gender, and unless it's made of burlap and razor wire, it will be soft and comfortable no matter what the price. If you really want to make someone feel bad about not getting you something better, get them a cashmere scarf. Now, whenever they start complaining about things you can remind them of how much you spent on that scarf and the guilt should shut them up!

Hope this little guide helps in a pinch. If you really don't have time to shop just resort to food. Everyone likes cookies and here are a few of my favorite cookie recipes. Some don't even need baking! Happy shopping everyone!

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