Monday, February 25, 2013

Make Me Beautiful: Monoi Oil

After my allergic reaction nightmare scab-face incident last week, I've been in tip-top form when it comes to skin care. And not just facial skin care, everywhere skin care. One of my very favorite ingredients for bodily skin care is monoi oil. Monoi is Tahitian gardenia flowers (tiare) that have been soaked in coconut oil. The flowers are then pressed, releasing their oils into the coconut oil created the ambrosia we call monoi. The best quality monoi is made in Tahiti where all the ingredients originated, and it is a wonderful thing. The best part is that it's pretty damn affordable and a little goes a long way. Monoi has just recently been recognized as a new skin care fad, but the practice of using monoi for massage and sun-damaged skin has been going on for hundreds of years by native Polynesians and Tahititans. There are a few products that are monoi based/centric that I totally love:

1. Monoi Tiare Tahiti: This stuff comes direct from Tahiti, costs $10 and even has a little tiare flower in each bottle. I use this on my hair as a mask when it's feeling dry and my skin when I need some serious moisture. Smells like a gardenia filled tropical paradise!

2. Carol's Daughter Monoi Hair Mask: Smells awesome and delivers some serious moisture. Great for after the beach or a cold day out.

3. True Blue Spa "Tahiti Sweetie" Body Lotion: Smells amazing and moisturizes really well. Great for after being out in the sun and before bed. I still feel moisturized when I wake up in the morning.
4. Hei Poa Lait de Monoi Tiare Spf 30: Don't smell like chemical laden sunscreen, smell like a Tahitian dream! This stuff protects and moisturizes so your day in the sun doesn't show up as premature aging or dryness. I love spray lotions too since they are much easier to absorb and this stuff has decent staying power.
Well, thats's my ode to monoi. I hope it gives you the extra push you need to try something new and natural that will do nothing but good for your skin and hair. There are a ton more products out there that contain this wonder ingredient and I can't wait to try more. Until then Vive le Monoi!

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