Sunday, March 3, 2013

People I Enjoy: Elaine Benes

Elaine Benes

Elaine Benes by elbonner featuring a navy blue vest

Of the 5 hours I've been awake today, 3 1/2 of them have been spent watching Seinfeld. It really id one of those perfect comedies that has remained relevant since it aired. I don't find the jokes hokey like some older tv shows and the characters are just perfectly cast. One of my favorite characters on this show is Elaine Benes. She's got a sweet job as a publisher (minus her stint with Mr. Pitt), she's got a shabby-chic apartment all to herself, and her own signature style. When I think on Elaine's style I think floral dresses, big coats, oxfords, and earth tones. This type of look seems to be coming back, but there's a way to channel Elaine's look without going full, regrettable perm, nineties. Get a big button down, throw on a vest and some leggings and you've got an outfit that will look great whether your getting a big salad at Monk's or getting down on the dance floor with your little kicks. Embrace the nineties, sans-scrunchie, and do the Benes!

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