Thursday, March 7, 2013

Etsy Favorites: Roam Hawai'i

Hello, my name is Emily, and I have a problem...a Roam Hawaii Problem! Now, understand me when I say this is really not a problem at all, but it's a problem for my no-interest checking account when I seriously want everything in this aloha-packed store. 

(Photo credit: Roam Hawaii)

First of all, the story behind this little store is like something out of a sun-soaked teenage dream: four girls on Hawaii's North Shore (already awesome) buy an old mail truck, give it a bitchin' paint job and create a mobile marketplace to sell their handmade jewelry, bikinis, and hand-screened t-shirts all over Oahu. If that wasn't already the coolest thing since cookie dough ice cream, they often travel to fabulous destinations like Tahiti, Australia, California, and who knows where else and post their adventures on Instagram and Tumblr @roamhawaii. I will admit, sometimes I yearn to live vicariously through their Instagram feed, but I know that's lame, and I go back to work cleaning up spit-laden blood spatter off of everything. It's like a mini vacation, even on the darkest winter days, and knowing I can get my hands on a piece of Hawaii makes me want to bust out the plastic!
Anywho, back to my point. I haven never bought more things from one Etsy shop than I have from this one. I have three of their shirts and a photo print. These tops are all one of a kind (some two or three of a kind), so it's almost guaranteed that NO ONE will have the same shirt as you! Here's my current RH collection that I plan on adding to when it's financially responsible to do so:

(please pardon my big toe and the crappy quality)
Love this shirt. My mom loves this one because she used to call me raggamuffin when I was young and totally still does.
   Not just clothing, but home wares too! I love beachy-ness and this print is pretty accurate whenever the ocean is cooperating in my area.

Etsy is a weird and wonderful place, and stumbling upon this shop gives me one more excuse to slap a little aloha into my daily life. I love Roam Hawaii and if you have a human soul, you should too!

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