Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take All Of My Money: Spring at Target

Spring at Target

Spring at Target by elbonner featuring pacifica fragrance

Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that the return of neon and pastel 80s colors are the greatest thing to happen to me since Christian Bale became Batman. After a visit to Target last weekend, I damn near bought the entire store because everything there was so bright, beachy, and fun I had to have an out-loud, semi-embarrassing, one-on-one talk with myself about not buying everything I laid my trembling hands upon. Let's just say everyone stared at me. Everything was a color that I loved, everything was flattering, and everything could be worn for a multitude of different occasions. I had died and gone to reasonably-priced, sherbert-colored heaven. Not only that, but Target now carries Pacifica products which come in the most awesome scents! Jesus, Target, why don't you just go ahead and declare bankruptcy for me now. I have almost reasoned myself out of paying for my health insurance so I can get a new weekend wardrobe. 

I held myself back and purchased the sweatshirt and orange top you see above and some Pacifica Coconut Water face wipes (which are pretty good once my eyes stop burning) so no debtors prison for me! If you are looking for a place to get some seriously cute stuff on a budget, head out to Target and blow a few pay checks (don't do that) on some fun stuff for spring and summer! 

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