Friday, April 12, 2013

Outfit Inspiration: Beach Evenings

Beach Evenings

Beach Evenings by elbonner featuring t-bar shoes

I have given the whole "maxi" trend a lot of grief that it really doesn't deserve. When I first started seeing people out and about in maxi dresses, it was usually followed by some sort of snide comment along the lines of "who thought prom was at Walgreens? AmIright?!". I can now honestly admit that I was a jerk and have jumped on the maxi bandwagon, especially with the maxi skirts that have been surfacing recently. The fold-over ones are my favorites, combining the comfort and laziness of yoga pants with something that looks better than going out in pajamas. Like the title insinuates, this is a great llok for maybe evening bonfires on the beach or sunset boardwalk strolls. Pair with a flowy tank, a bandeau and two thing that will never go out of style: hoop earrings, and gladiator sandals. They've been around for 2000+ years, they are not going away any time soon. My favorite are Ancient Greek Sandals. Though they are on the pricey side, they are simple, elegant and very unique. I bought myself a pair as a graduation present last year and though they have the hardest soles of any shoe I've ever owned, I love them to death and always get a lot of compliments. Thrown on a fringe bag and a beachy fragrance and you're good to go for a carefree summer. Hell, you could even wear this to something like oh, I don't know, Coachella maybe? Or is it too feather-free? Either way, I think the way to go with most outfits is to keep it simple and not overthink things and this outfit makes you look cool without even really trying. Get comfortable Y'all!

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