Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Birthday Update

Oh blog, how I have neglected you this week. Please accept my sincerest apologies! This past week has been full of fun celebrations, food, and that close-to-death feeling you get when you've eaten nonstop for 3 days straight. This past week was my birthday week, and even though the Boston Marathon bombers tried to ruin like every other horrible event in recent history has, they did not ruin my third week in April! I spent one day with my friend at Busch Gardens eating ice cream, pizza and doing stupid poses on the log flume drop-camera. My friend also got my an airbrushed t-shirt with a taco on it. It's as awesome as you'd think it is! Went to a swanky new burger bar last night for dinner, drank fancy beers, and had delicious french fries. I didn't get much for my birthday, which is fine. Just a new pair of Toms:

and one other little, insignificant thing...


It's true, my lifelong dream of visiting this magical place is coming true this August. Hopefully I don't die or the world doesn't end before that, because if it does I'm going to be pissed! It was a birthday present for my mom that I happily got pulled into. It helps having one parent who wants to go somewhere the other one doesn't want to go anywhere near, so I reap the benefits! I've already started planning out where I want to eat, swim, shop, and bronze myself (safely!) and on top of going to visit my family in England, it's looking like an awesome summer. Last summer was a bit of a bust; in fact last year was pretty terrible and stressful. I'm ready to have a bit of fun with some of my favorite people.

Other than that, everything has been pretty status quo. Now, I just need to step up my workout game so that I don't gross out the locals when I'm on the beach. Also so I can have as much poke, shaved ice, and garlic chicken as I want. The weather has warmed up, the college kids at the gym are all about to go home, I had a cupcake with breakfast, and my boyfriend didn't even look ashamed of me when I ate it. Thanks to everyone who made my b-day great and for my wonderful (and secretive)readers. Everything's coming up Emily!

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