Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dream Beach Bag

Dream Beach Bag

Dream Beach Bag by elbonner featuring billabong handbags

All this warm weather and promise of a tropical vacation has put me in the mood to SHOP! If I didn't spend everything on food and bills, this ensemble would totally be in my closet by now. Even as an obvious not-svelte person, I really enjoy looking at and buying swimwear. Just mix and match different pieces that fit and the number one, important thing is to not care. Unless someone is a total jagweed and goes out of their way to tell you that you look bad, it's almost a guarantee  that no one is going to say anything to you about your swimwear choice. 

It's also toenail polish color explosion with lots of neon and brights in summer nail collections. Not to mention lots of new sunscreen formulas and new products. Bah, I'm o excited!! I love the warm weather. I started Insanity (it's awesome); if you like HIIT workouts then Insanity is for you. I get bored and find myself really liking interval workouts to keep me entertained. I'm slapping on my vitamin C serum and pumicing my crusty feet (sorry). Get ready for the sun, baby!

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