Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vicariously Through You: Video Escapism

The seasons are in the longest goddamn transitional period ever. It can't make up its damn mind whether I need a coat, light sweater, or nothing at all and it's making me CRAZY! That means a lot of wasted outdoor spring opportunity spent inside which leads to me getting lost in the internet for hours upon end. Get lost, it's fun!

Roxy Spring/Summer videos always get me excited for the beach/jealous of Roxy models. Damn you and your ridiculously frequent trips to Tahiti!

The video may scream female objectivity, but all I want to do is dance! I mean, T.I. is having more fun in this video than anybody.

If I could have one ability that wasn't fantastical, like mind control or flying, it would be to sing. If I was given this ability, I would want to sing like Nadine Shah. Just Listen and you'll agree!

A 1960s home video of a surf trip from Northern Virginia to the Outer Banks and then down to Florida. Love stuff like this!

If I could sing in French, I would want to sound like Francoise Hardy.

It's well-known that I just don't care for Ohio, which is why I think this video is hilarious!

After the success of the first one, they outdid themselves with a new one that is even funnier than the first.

Okay, Okay. I've suckered you into a lazy post full of a bunch of random crap that I like, but hey, I probably killed like 45 minutes of your time. And if that's work time, even better! Surrender to the internet!

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