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Brow-Wow by elbonner featuring benefit cosmetics

If I were to become world dictator, after I made it illegal to not eat ice cream for breakfast and to institute a two-day work week, I would strongly suggest (torture) people let their brows grow out a bit! It's been said that fuller brows make you look younger and if they're groomed correctly then they can totally change the way your face looks. A few years ago I went from a very traditional arched brow to thicker set a la Cara Delevingne (above) and my face look so much more fierce! Like Sasha Fierce...ok no, but I feel a lot better about my face now that I've got big, beautiful eyebrows.Now, they didn't just pop up overnight. There were weeks of awkward grow-outs full of super thick, stubbly hairs that looked gross, but the end result was worth it. I now only pluck a few hairs to keep things cleaned up so I have decreasedthe pain-for-beauty factor by a lot. They do take a few tricks to keep them in tip-top shape:

Anastasia Eyebrow pencil w/spoolie: I don't use the pencil so much anymore since I got the wrong color, but I keep it for the spoolie. They are THE BEST for brushing things up to trim the long ones and then smooth everything into place. 

Angled Brow Powder Brush: I don't use the exact brand pictured here, but I use an identical one I purchased at the Target and it works wonder for naturally filling in the patches I tend to get with brow-powder.

Benefit Brow-Zings: When I'm traveling, I don't bring the giant palette that has my usual brow powder glued into it. I bring this handy-dandy kit that has everything I need when I'm on the road. Brow-zings has adorable mini tweezers, angled brush and wax brush to apply the brow powder and seal over with wax to keep things stationary.

RefectoCil Cream Dye: MY SECRET IS OUT. Well, not really. Even thought I'm a natural light blonde, I was born with very dark, almost black, eyebrows and eyelashes. Blonde focused brow products are waaaay too light for me and in the summer, my brows tend to lighten in the sun. Also, some will begin to grow in dark and then turn almost translucent a few millimeters from the root, causing some heinous patchiness. I fix this by tinting my brows and the best stuff I have used is Refectocil. If anyone wants a video tutorial I can make a very embarrassing video of my tinting process. It's super easy and can be done before a shower. They come out so well I don't need to fill them in with anything for at least a week. 

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown: I don't use an actual brow color, this eyeshadow is the closest I've found to my natural color.Ilove it and use it whenever I'm home and around my normal makeup stuff. 

Tweezerman Tweezers: Step one: get good tweezers. Step Two: Enjoy.

Hope this little post was helpful. Just e,brace the brows people. I cringe when I see a mangled arch or the obvious tan-line where your former brow-hairs covered things up. Now, don't go all Frida Kahlo unless you can really rock it (I CANNOT), and just give yourself one less thing to worry about. Brows away!!

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