Friday, May 3, 2013

Neoprene: Fashion and Function

Neoprene: Fashion and Function

Neoprene: Fashion and Function by elbonner featuring a sleeveless dress

Well, because it sometimes seems like sometimes I just can't  win, this was accidentally posted like nine times because it never showed up on my Blogger page once I exported it from Polyvore. Sorry for having to look at this same collage a million times without any witty commentary!

Neoprene is a pretty cool fabric. Or warm I should say; I've enjoyed neoprene as an integral part of my wetsuits that keep me from dying of hypothermia in the ocean and now, neoprene has grown legs, dragged itself out of the sea, and made it's way to ready-to-wear fashion. Now, even wetsuits are becoming something you can make a fashion statement in. After seeing all of these new designs and colors, especially ones from Kassia Meador's collection for Roxy,  the stupid-cute pieces from Seea,  and the sexy long sleeve suit from Rip Curl a la Mariah Carey's "Honey" video. I look at my ten year-old wetsuit and wonder if it's just time to take it behind the shed and end its suffering. We no longer have to wear a full-on boring black suit; they've even made spring suits more flattering which at one time I thought was impossible.

Neoprene clothing has made a huge splash (haha!) this season and is being used for dresses,skirts, jackets, leggings, bags, shoes. It's a really good material for modern-looking pieces. Like something stylish alien people would wear. They mostly come in obnoxiously bright neons which are right up my ally and just make you look cooler. Why get a boring cotton jersey skater skirt that will ultimately fail you and show your butt at the slightest wind gust, when you can get a neoprene one that will stay put a little better and make you look like a fashionable Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century?

Neoprene is fun, different, and not just for peeing in to keep you from freezing anymore. I'm looking into a new wetsuit with a better color palette than just black and maybe a neoprene beach bag for the summer. Get funky and get some neoprene!

Roxy- Kassia Cypher 3/2 Suit
Cynthia Rowley Spring Suit
Rip Curl  G-Bomb Spring Suit
Seea- Reunion High Waist Pants

Tibi Neoprene Sleeveless Dress
J. W. Anderson- Neoprene Jacket
Topshop Neoprene Backpack
Givenchy Panelled leggings

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