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Summer Skin Moisture Savers

Summer Skin Moisture Savers

Summer Skin Moisture Savers by elbonner featuring a la roche posay

Warm weather is great for the soul, but it can totally throw your face into an adolescent, oily, unmanageable breakdown. It's horrible, it's annoying,but it happens to the best of us. What we tend to forget when we get a little oilier in the summer is that we still need to moisturize because sun exposure leads to moisture loss! You're sweating out the water in your skin and it either needs to be sealed in or replaced. What can make the difference is a good moisturizer.

Combination Skin

 Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer- This is my favorite moisturizer of all time. I use this all year round, but I feel like it was custom made for my summer skin. I used to struggle with oiliness during the day when in the sun, but dryness because of thin moisturizers I used to keep the oil at bay. This stuff works with me to keep me looking fresh, but not too moisturized. 

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream- This works a  lot like the Juara one. It's a bit lighter for those on the oily end of the combination scale and smells like cucumbers floating in cool water. Just that alone makes it great for summer. Layers well under sunscreen and BB creams also!


Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer- At the height of my oil problem a few years ago, I was desperate for a moisturizer that didn't suck the oil from my face only to make it oilier out in the sun. I went out on a limb and tried Korres, a brand I'd never tried before and changed my skin for good! This stuff gives oily skin just enough moisture and packs in what can only be magic to keep all the shine away. I was blown away and recommend it to anyone with oil problems.

Alba Hawaiian Aloe and Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer- Great drugstore buy that I found very similar to the Korres moisturizer when I was low on cash and needed some oil control. It was very soothing if I'd had any sun exposure the day before and was very light/nicely scented. No breakouts and no problems!


Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream- French skincare is always good. ALWAYS. Which is why I wasn't surprised when this skin cream from Avene moisturized my overly sensitive, newly dry skin when I was first having to change face products. My skin when from out-of-control oily to dry in what seems like overnight. I figured my skin was mad and went for something made for sensitive skin. This entire brand is based on the benefits of French mineral water and its soothing properties. It helped calm things down and was very moisturizing. I went with the light because it was summer time and thought any more and I would have been shiny. Go with the whole shebang if you're super dry.

Kiehl's Abyssine Cream + SPF 23- Super rich, super luxurious, and complete with a sun protectant. Sometimes, I find that putting a mineral sunscreen over a moisturizing cream can actually suck out all the moisture (the minerals act almost like a mattifyer) and render your expensive cream useless, I say! Go with one with an spf. This cream is formulated with deep sea minerals that live in the most extreme and damaging conditions on earth (thermal vents moving boiling hot water from the earths core, science whoa!) and are able to withstand damage from extreme heat. Great for the summer! Super thick and luxurious, I would only recommend this to the driest of skins.

Wildcards! Summer Face-Issue Helpers:
Acne: La Roche Posay Effaclar DUO Dual Action Acne Treatment- Pimples and summer go together like family barbeques and drunken uncle speeches. This is a much-loved acne treatment for those unwanted guests that works without excess drying or peeling.

Irritation/Sun Damage: Korres Greek Yogurt Advanced Nourishing Sleep Facial- Get all the benefits of a greek yogurt facial at night without ruining all of your sheets and pillows. This super nourishing mask is great for a day spent too-much in the sun or just general irritation from over cleansing (which we all tend to do in the summer, i.e. removing sunscreen). Since it's used like a night cream, you get eight hours (ha! I wish) of treatment rather than, say, 15 minutes. Another great from Korres.You really can't go wrong with them!

I hope this helps prepare for the oncoming onslaught of skin-bummers that come along with the changing of the seasons.Just remember to sunscreen up, don't over exfoliate, and have fun in the sun without worrying about your face!

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