Sunday, June 9, 2013

Waiting For Stuff to Happen

I've found that I have so much planned for this summer,that all the time before,in between, and after happenings are just spent wishing the other stuff would just hurry up and get here. I'm in full summer mode,whcih means my brain expects to be off at the beach all day, but my body is at work watching lunch being picked out form between peoples teeth. I'm truly working for the weekend, and the past few have been busy! It's been great beach weather the past few Fridays (excluding this last one, THANKS ANDREA, YOU BITCH) and have been enjoying the sunshine and freezing water. Went to Raleigh to visit some friends, ate BBQ, drank a few margs, and came home with many bug bites. This weekend was Harborfest, and though I haven't been down to see the tall ships, we watched some fireworks from the park with some good friends! I love when summer comes around because everyone is outside on their bikes, clad in neon, and always up to have a beer and just hang out. A few weeks ago I also got some Emily time to myself whilst the boyfriend had a man/nerd weekend with some friends. Since my beach plans got rained out I got a little crafty and made myself some stuff to keep me occupied!

 I bleached, cut-off, and destroyed (tried to) a pair of old shorts I hated. They turned out really awesome and way better than the almost mom-shorts they were before. When in doubt, do cut-offs!

Purchased and tried the new Bumble and Bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner. LOVE THEM.I'll do something more in depth later, but these are now my favorites!

Made a cute brush holder with a mason jar, some masking tape, and spray paint. Just tape off what you don't want painted, spray away, and you're left with something like this! My desk was immediately more visually pleasing and less irritating.

 Need/want cheap artwork for whatever space you have? I bought some way-on-sale canvases, taped off some stripes, and used the same spray paint from my brush holder to make this mini-painting. The little dip was an accident, but I kind of like it!

A new favorite color combo and new textured polishes!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured polishes in "Bubble Plum" and "Sour Apple". They stay on better than regular polish, have a cool, matte, sandy texture and are just really fun. They are further fueling my unhealthy nail polish addiction! (I got these at CVS)

That's all for now; it's a lazy Sunday so far and my man-servant and I are just hanging out. I have something fun coming in the mail soon that I will share with you when I get it. Until then, happy weekend! 

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