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Travel Beauty!

Travel Beauty!

Travel Beauty! by elbonner featuring a foundation brush

I'm about four days away from my trip to England and I'm furiously packing and re-packing my things to figure out what should go where, what can stay and what can go. It's maddening, I tell you! Plane travel can be exciting or can be a soul-sapping suck-fest that makes you think that humanity is disgusting and deserves all the bad things that happen to it. Make plane travel a little nicer with an on-board skin care routine to keep your skin from getting dull and dehydrated!

From my personal experience, trying to use face wash on a plane = the ultimate disaster. Airplane restrooms are just pee-strewn germ factories, so if you want to keep your skin urine-free, stick with cleansing wipes. Here are my favorites:

Pacifica Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: They get all the makeup off, they make your skin feel super clean and are totally biodegradable so the extra waste they produce is sort of counter-acted. 

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes: Great for sensitive skin, takes off your makeup and cleanses away oils without over drying or irritating your face. Available almost anywhere (maybe even the airport).

Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes: Loaded down with vitamin C,these wipes pack an extra skincare punch when using them. They leave skin brighter, happier, and less dull.

Hydrate + Treat
 Have 9 hours to kill with fuck-all to do? Do a face mask! Red-eye flight or not, face masks put back in what dry, horrible , recirculated plane air takes out. It can do a number on already dry skin and it needs to be replenished! 

Sekkisei Radience Boost Sheet Mask: One of about a billion of great Asian sheet masks that are super portable and really effective. You may look like a creepy modern zombie, but Asian girls have been doing these masks on overnight flights forever and have beautiful skin because of it. A challenge for the brave with the bonus that probably no one will bother you, let alone speak to you!

Yonka Masque No. 1 Anti-Age: This is my favorite moisturizing mask and is made to be worn overnight. For the not-doing-the-scary-sheet-mask traveler, this stuff goes on clear and creates a barrier between 20% humidity and beautifully hydrated skin. This also smells like jasmine which makes it calming while you're three rows deep into Hell.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel: Need to exfoliate on the go? This gel is gentle enough to use in the dry air,though I would recommend this more for oily-skinned people. Glycolic acid eats away dead skin cells accumulated during a long flight so that when you wipe it off at the end, it's smooth sailing! 


Minis make reapplication on the plane a no-brainer and it gives you something to do when you just can't read or play Risk on your iPad.

Dior Show Mini Mascara Duo: This primer/mascara duo of my favorite formula/brush combo make fabulous lashes achievable at 30,000 or 5,000 if you want to look good WHILE YOU'RE PLUMMETING TO YOUR DEATH! Just kidding! They're so cute; just buy them already!

Smith's Rosebud Salve: chapped lips? Rosebud salve. Frizzy hair? Warm up some rosebud salve in your hands and smooth. Crusty-ass knuckles a la Emily? ROSEBUD SALVE. It can be used for so many things from dry nostrils to cuticle treatment. Good to have everywhere, all the time.

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream: I gave this product so much shit after I first bought it. I thought it had no coverage and wrote it off to my friends as a no-no. I have since come to really love this stuff for the natural coverage and superior moisture that it provides and think it would be great for the plane. It's got color, moisture, and a sunscreen which knocks out three products and makes it one.

Fresh Sugar Lychee Rollerball Perfume: It doesn't have to be this scent, but get your favorite in a roller ball. You're not being a complete ass by spritzing your perfume in anyone elses' face and it's just easier to carry. This one smells of fruit and freshness so it's uplifting whilst not so heavy that it makes anyone around me heave (my worst nightmare).

Benefit Bronze Of Champions Palette: It's got your bronzer, it's got an eyeshadow, it's got a lip gloss, mascara, concealer, and highlighter all in a tiny package. Leave you're big palettes in your suitcase and opt for an all-in-one palette like this for pre-landing touch-ups.

Bobbi Brown Basic Travel Brush Kit: Leave big brushes at home and invest in a good brush kit to take to the skies. Bobbi Brown seems to do everything right in my eyes so this brush kit goes without asking. It has eye brushes, it has face brushes, it has all the brushes your head needs! They are pricey, but they are good-ass brushes. 

You don't have to look fancy at the airport, but how dumpy do you feel when you're bumming around in your sweatpants as a well put-together, super traveler passes you by after a flight from Singapore to New York?! Do your face a favor and take care of it in the air as well as on the ground!

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