Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Endless Summer

Endless Summer

I have to be honest with myself; fall isn't that far away, and as far as I'm concerned, it can eat a dick. We just got our first 76 degree day since April and everyone is ready to pull out their boots, scarves, and pour pumpkin spice all over fucking everything. I'm sorry, but I just won't have it! There are plenty of good summer days left without being tainted by maroons and closed-toed shoes. It is around this time that, though I am fighting fall tooth-and-nail, that my outfits start to transition from neon, Miami beach fluorescent Barbie, to a weird hippie/ wannabe Native American hybrid, that will ultimately turn into biker slut once I have to start wearing jackets. For breezier evenings I am liking the whole printed kimono deal, it's technically a light jacket, but it's sheer enough to not feel like you've surrendered to layers again. The rubber flip flops turn into intricate gladiator sandals, patterned Toms, and old school Vans (NO SOCKS DAMMIT). I usually go back to a more neutral bag or something that can be fun and a little bit less in-your-face. I'm not surrendering, I'm merely adapting because summer will be back I tell you! And I will dress with a vengeance when it does!

That's all for now everyone! Keep the summer alive and have a beachy transition to make the hell that is the next six months just that much easier to stomach! Stay hot!

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