Monday, August 12, 2013

Under The Sea

My GoPro and I had some serious quality time while I was on O'ahu, even though I quickly found out that I need to be aware of my camera placement after making a decent shot (unflattering butt-shot 99% of the time). I got some pretty cool underwater photos that make me yearn for the Pacific! We visited Three Tables near Pupukea Beach Park and Waimea Bay. The water was so clear and there were a bunch of far away spinner dolphins. After nearly drowning myself from swimming out so far to try and see them, I bit the bullet and swam back closer to shore, so no fun dolphin shots :(. It was so amazingly beautiful, I hope it stays rural and doesn't turn into another Waikiki. North Shore,  you bet your ass I'll be back!!

The Days Affliction: "Sunscreen Hairline"
 I miss throwing up random shakas like I knew what I was doing and wearing shorts everywhere. I also miss garlic shrimp and chocolate haupia pie, one right after the other. Sorry for all the leg shots but they got in the way of the beauty! Enjoy everyone!

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