Monday, September 9, 2013

Autumn Wants: More Summer!!

Autumn Wants: More Summer!!

Autumn Wants: More Summer!! by elbonner featuring a brown purse

Sometimes you just want to be straight forward with what you want. For me, this is one of those days. I spent a lovely weekend outside, in swimming pools, running beachy trails, and soaking up the last precious days of summer and all I can say is I'm not ready for it to end! The ocean is my ultimate love and the winter time makes it cold, gray, and hard to deal with. I'll still make a few trips to just sit and eat a sandwich between running errands, but all I want to do is jump in. Even with a wetsuit on, these nips could chisel diamonds on a winter beach trip. To replace one vice with another, I've made a little collage of stuff I want that seems as though designed by the big man himself to keep summer going on a little longer.

Raen Optics "Lenox" Sunglasses: Yes, I already have Wayfarers, but these are just so cool! They are a lot chunkier than traditional Wayfarers which is what I'm feeling at the moment. A vintage shape, with some modern heft!

Penny Skateboards Pastel Collection: Yes, I'm fully into adulthood and yes, I still want to cruise down the street like a Venice beach rat! I mean, just look at that thing! Too cute to pass up. If I wasn't such a chicken, I'd buy that bad boy and skate everywhere my almost 30 year-old heart desired!

Baggu Surf Sling: I NEED this thing. My arm is just long enough for my tiny, fat fingers to grip the edge of my fat longboard for dear life whilst simultaneously walking it to my car and giving my carpal tunnel. This sling would make it waaaaaay easier for me to get from point A to point Beach.

Rip Curl Beach Glass Sweater: If I'm going to have to wear sweaters, at least let is look like this! Viva la ombre!!

Free People Dreamweaver Crossbody: For when I get into my overly tribal-printed, super fringy stage of fall, this bag would really complete the look!

VOYA Lazy Days: It's Irish seaweed, cut right off the coast of Sligo, freeze dried within a few hours, and packaged into the coolest bath treatment known to man. This literal netted bag of seaweed is meant to rehydrate in a tub of hot water which you then submerge yourself in for a silky smooth, mineral-rich bath of awesomeness. It can be used at least three times as long as you let it dry out between uses. If you crave the sea, but can't stand the cold water, opt for a little seaweed fun in you own tub!

Toms Tiger Print Classics: After watching Katy Perry's Roar video, I saw these shoes and immediately wanted them. Animal prints work so well with almost any outfit or print and I love tiger stripes because they are pretty rare (move over, leopard!). 

Surf 80's by Jeff Divine: Sometimes, it's just nice to sit and look at pretty pictures, especially if you're having a hardcore, neon-encrusted beach craving. I love looking at picture books like this whilst curled up on the sofa with my softest blankey during a rainy day so I can escape the 57 degree hell I know is just outside my window.

I hope you liked the list of crap I want at the moment. Maybe it's similar to some crap that you want at the moment, let us revel in the crap that we want! Happy week-beginning!!

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