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Cold Weather Gifts for Warm Weather People

Beachy Gifts

Beachy Gifts by elbonner featuring purple gloves

My second installment of my holiday gift series is one that is close to my heart. At Christmas time, all I want is to be back at the beach reeking of sunscreen and caked in sand. Because I am not able to do that in my neck of the woods, I can still live the beach life if I put in the effort at home. If you have a friend who is not a winter person, there are many ways you can soothe the sting of winter's cold with these awesome, beach-inspired gifts!


1. Flash Tattoos "Goldfish Kiss" Edition: these metallic temporary tattos are so firggin'cool. The only thing that makes them cooler is the fact they got a whole collection to be designed by one of my favorite blogger, Rebekah Steen, of Goldfish Kiss. Her beachy creations 1.)make me want more ink and 2.) remind me that summer will be here eventually! Be wild and wear these to a holiday party and be as sparkly as a Christmas tree! (Photo: Flash Tattoos/Rebekah Steen)

2. Kai Fragrance Travel Kit: This stuff smells like a tropical paradise in a bottle. Kai is all about the gardenia and it transports me back to the North Shore of Oahu every time I smell it. Gardenia is a soft enough floral to wear during the day, but I think it's just as nice on a night out. Everyone will be yearning for summer and creepily sniffing you all night long! 

3. Verloop Rothko Texting Gloves: To ease the heavy hand of winter, how are you supposed to look back at your summer Instagram photos when your fingers are inhibited by stupid gloves?! These are the answer. Smartphone gloves allow you to scroll through those lazy summer photos without forcing you to feel the cold and hate everything again. These ones from Urban Outfitters are a fun color, too!

4. Malie Plumeria Home and Linen Spray: Want your house to smell like a tropical paradise instead of a Christmas Tree? We're not all holiday scent lovers, and this spray can make your home a little more summer-fiend friendly. Malie carries all sorts of tropical scents, but the plumeria is my numba one faveorite.

5. RockaBella Jewels Shark Tooth Necklace: You can always lie and tell people you wrestled this out of a sharks mouth yourself, it will greatly impress the recipient. This necklace is pretty whilst also being badass. Always a good combo!

6. J. Crew Metallic Triangles Sweatshirt: A cute sweatshirt can easily be incorporated into your spring attire, and this sweatshirt fits the bill. The metallic gold makes it festive for winter, but the funky print makes it great to pair with some mint cut-off in the spring time!

7. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and Sugar Lychee Fragrance: Keep winter dryness from ruining your lips this summer. Keep a fancy shmancy, spf lip balm with you at all times. It makes a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa present. Smell like the freshness of summer with a citrus-based perfume too. This one is sweet, but has a little more depth than their lemon version which makes it better for cold weather. It's still fresh and fruity enough for summer wear!

I hope these gift ideas will help alleviate the sadness that us warm-weather people feel when winter comes and ruins our lives. Christmas is a great time to perk those up in need of a summer fix!

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