Friday, November 15, 2013

Coats on Coats!

Coats on Coats!

Coats on Coats! by elbonner featuring a down jacket

I remember a time, not too long in the past, when wearing a coat was the lamest thing ever. If you were anywhere near cool, you wore a hoodie no matter how cold it got. Forty degrees? Hoodie. Wind chill of 21 degrees? HOODIE. No exceptions, just prepare to freeze your ass off. Thank god this is not the case anymore. I still see a few stragglers clinging to their fitted Aeropostale hoodies in February hoping for a quick death or a white chocolate mocha (you know who you are), but the times have changed, baby. It's the era of the coat as a part of your outfit, not a total downer. The best way to get out of a non-coat wearing funk is to get a really cool one and plan your outfit around it; make the coat the main event.  Above I have compiled a list of coats that everyone should look into getting that keep you looking good whilst warding off hypothermia. 

1. Mossimo Supply Co. Wool-Wrap Jacket- I have this coat and it's awesome. I got it for 4o bucks and the hood almost doubles as a sort of neck protector to keep the chill off. I have gotten many compliments from both men and women, so it's a confirmed hit with the masses. Available at Target

2. Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket- Super light and super warm, this is a coat for more casual/sporty occasions. Great from to-and-from the gym, grocery store, whatever. Also great for hikes because it's lightweight and packs down to take up less space in your back pack. You can't go wrong with Patagonia. 

3. Zara Long Funnel-Neck Coat: Immediate cool outfit upgrade: add a cool structured coat. This one from Zara can be dressed up or down and just makes anything look way cooler than what you started out with. Pair with a gigantic scarf and a bitch face and you'll look super fierce.

4. FjallRaven Greenland Parka- want and army jacket that doubles as an actual functional piece of clothing? Get this coat! With a coating of Fjallraven's Greenland wax, this thing is windproof, water proof, and miserable weather proof. Plus, you get the hipster clout of wearing A largely unknown European brand and being better prepared from crap weather than anyone else.

5. J. Crew Stadium-Cloth Trench- Everyone needs a dress-up coat and this can do the trick. It's not too dressy so it can still be paired with jeans, but if you need a warm coat for a night out without wanting to look like Zsa Zsa Gabor, this style is clean, sophisticated and won't make you look like you threw on your moms L. L. Bean Parka from 1987 over your formal wear.

6. AllSaints Pitch Leather Biker Jacket- For when it's not deathly cold or you really just want to up the bad-ass factor, you can't go wrong with a leather jacket. The leather does a good job of keeping the wind off and is much warmer than a regular trench or sweatshirt. Leather jackets are always cool, no exceptions, you will always benefit from a leather jacket (unless you're at the beach, and at that point you're just an idiot). 

I hope this after-school special emphasizing the importance of coats gets you out of your hoodie or beat-up Old Navy peacoat and into something that makes, instead of breaks, your outfit. H&M, Zara, Target, and places like are great places to find great coats at a reasonable price, so there's no excuse! Stay warm!

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