Monday, November 4, 2013

Poncho Mania

Poncho Mania

Poncho Mania by elbonner featuring a wool poncho

I've been so busy/lazy lately that my little blog has been severely neglected! After I fed it some Polyvore collages and gave it a good flea bath, I made this little compilation on a few of my new favorite things: PONCHOS. Seriously, they're not just for offensive Halloween costumes or Argentinian gauchos anymore; the simple poncho turned what could have been a very cold and miserable weekend to a comfortably cozy one. It's great for sitting down activities like watching parades, tailgating, going to sports games, or just for hanging around in a chilly house. It has all the warm without the sloppiness of a big sweatshirt. Just pair it with some skinny jeans and some funky fringe boots and you'll look super cool. So don't hate on the poncho, go get one!


Sperry Topsider

John Lewis

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