Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saving Face: Osea Skin Care

If it isn't obvious that I worship anything that comes from the ocean by now, you're blind, illiterate, or just incredibly unobservant. I am always trying to find things that blend the ocean with my everyday life, even if it's the stuff I put on my face. I have always loved seaweed infused skin care products, but as of late, the ones I had been trying just weren't doing it for me. I was worried that, like the Bonnie Raitt song, I can't make you love me, seaweed, if you don't. That was until I found out about a little company called Osea

Based and made in Malibu, California, all of their products revolve around highly nourishing organic seaweed that we already know, has a veritable buttload of minerals and moisturizing benefits. I needed a new moisturizer and was reluctant to change from my favorite Juara moisturizer, but the $49 price tag was a little steep at the time. After some researching, I found the Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream which is moisturizing, but lightweight enough to keep me from feeling oily and gross. It was also cheaper than my current moisturizer which is always a bonus!

When I placed my order, I was given the choice of different kinds of free samples with my order. I was fully expecting to get one dinky foil packet with barely enough to cover my forehead, but I was surprised with three decent sized face-mask samples!

I have so far only tried the red algae mask that is supposed to help dehydrated yet acne prone skin and it definitely felt really nice. The white algae mask is geared towards those with dry skin and rosacea, which is something I'm going to save until it gets really cold and my skin really needs it. The black algae mask is supposed to be a great exfoliator and good for repairing sun damage. It's never too late in the season for sun damage control, so I will be trying this one day when I need to just relax, nap, and wake up to a beautiful face! 

So far, the Atmosphere Protection Cream has been super awesome. I haven't had any weird breakouts, the herbal smell is really nice to put on, and I'm not oily throughout the day. My skin get incredibly dry during the winter, so I'm interested to see how well it does once it gets colder. I think it will do a good job, seaweed is a great moisture keeper and holds onto everything that it can. If you want an all-natural, vegan, and earth friendly company to get some goodies from, check out Osea and feel closer to the ocean!!

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