Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surviving the Duldrums: Post-Holiday Projects!

I hate to start out this post all gushy-like, but I have the best boyfriend ever. He got me a beautiful sewing machine for Christmas that I can't wait to start making fun stuff with!

Exhibit A: Dope-ass sewing machine
Now that I can get all crafty, I'm thinking of all the ways I can put this thing to use. I always tend to associate the months before spring/summer with the most BORING time of the year: it's friggin' cold, there are no work holidays, no birthdays. It's just that irritatingly long stretch before the real fun begins. Since I don't want three months of the year being wasted on yearning for summer, I'm going to get cracking on some cool DIY sewing projects!

My first endeavor is going to make myself a surfboard bag. I'm sick of trying to coordinate my towels to stay on my seats so that I don't end up with waxy bits on my headrests. I figure I can make a surfboard bag pretty easily out of some stretch terry cloth and a shoe lace for a cinched closure.

I found a bunch of DIY's on Pinterest so I hope once I get all my sewing accessories sorted out, I can get started!

I also want to start making my own swimsuits; just a few simple designs to start with and maybe try and make a cool monokini or fringe top. Because of my gigantic butt, I have a problem finding bottoms that don't dig in or give me enough coverage ( tired of flashing my coinslot), so creating my very own swimwear might be a way to circumvent all of my big-butt problems. 

Love this project from Goldfish Kiss
There are sooooo many fun projects that are just a sewing machine away from filling up a bunch of cold, rainy days. I can't wait to get going and have already been scouring the internet for cool fabrics. Hope you all had a nice Christmas/time off work because of Christmas. Whatever you did over the past week, I hope it was enjoyable. Until next time, adios amigos!

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