Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've Got That Beach Fever!

Beach Fever

Beach Fever by elbonner featuring a bikini swim wear

Since my street is covered in two inches of ice and it hasn't made it past 23 degrees Fahrenheit today, I've been dreaming about a tropical getaway! It would be nice to start planning now, but where to go? Last year was a whirlwind of travel shenanigans and I'm ready for a new adventure. My travel partner, on the other hand, had his fair share of running around airports/foreign places, Dramamine tablets, and generally having too many places to go,  so he has been, understandably so, exhausted from all the friggin traveling we did last year. I'm hoping maybe we could take a short relaxation vacation somewhere not too far away where we can just hang out on the beach, drink rum punches, and be lazy. You need that sometimes and I don't think a long, stressful series of flights and layovers to some faraway exotic place is what we need after last year. I've been looking a lot at the Bahamas; more specifically Great Exuma Island. It is relatively close by compared to some other tropical locales, has white sand beach, crystal clear water, and little swimming beach pigs. I KID YOU NOT. Now, everyone knows that if you're going to plan a vacation you also have to have a dream vacation outfit to go with it, which is what I have done above. Nothing is set in stone, or really even more than a glitter in ones eye, but hopefully my partner-in-crime and I will be able to get away somewhere beachy and quiet and do absolutely nothing!

PS- I have got to get a jelly bag at some point in my life

Dress- Surf Bazaar
Bikini- Mara Hoffman
Bag- Factorie
Shoes- Ancient Greek Sandals
Nail Polish- NARS
Lip Balm- Sun Bum
Bracelet- Pearl. Love. Jewelry
Perfume- Comptoir Sud Pacifique

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