Monday, January 27, 2014

An Ode to Everything Jelly


Jellyfull! by elbonner featuring flat shoes

I have a problem. It's something I have lived with for as long as I can remember and it always haunts around the spring and summer time. I went so long without it that I thought I'd never see it again, but it's back and I can't wait to get my hands on it. IT'S JELLY TIME!!

If you couldn't tell from the photo above, I love jelly stuff. Whether it be clear, neon, printed, or full of glitter, I love it regardless of what adorns it. Jelly things are not just for the fanny packs and blistering shoes of yesteryear, it's all coming back in the greatest of ways! You can find jelly beach bags, jelly watches, iPad covers, you name it! I am dying to get my hand on a jelly beach bag; Victoria's Secret has some really cool printed ones that make me want one in every color. Even jelly shoes are back! I remember them not really being all that comfortable, but if I could just find a cheap pair and wear them every once in a while I would be totally down with that. Though I would totally destroy my feet for one more carefree day in jellies! Whoever doesn't want a pair of hot pink jelly sandals has no room on my best friends list! Even Baby-G watches in jelly colors are getting popular again. I love that everything that was awesome about my childhood is being made again so I can forget how I'm supposed to be a responsible adult! If you're ready for winter to get the hell out, then bring some jelly into your life for spring!

Nasty Gal
The Iconic
Sophia Webster

Baby-G Watch
Victoria's Secret Coin Purse
Juicy Couture Phone Case
Totes Bubble Umbrella
Victoria's Secret PINK Beach Tote

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