Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pearlicious Tahiti!


Pearlicious by elbonner on Polyvore

No, this isn't a post about how great pears are (pears are the worst), it's a post about how great Tahitian pearls are! I am obsessed with these little guys and can't get enough of their dusky, iridescent loveliness. Grown in special pearl farms in the lagoons of French Polynesia, Tahitian pearls are very sought after and make the most beautiful jewelry. Black pearls are really my only expensive jewelry interest (screw your blood diamonds!) and they're the only thing I would maybe super splurge on if I had the chance. My favorite creator of Tahitian pearl jewelry would have to be Pearl. Love. Jewelry. Every featured above is from this little dynamo of a company and I find myself coveting everything on their site at least three times a week. I would die to own one of their multi-strand bracelets! If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on one of these pieces, watch out, I may burgle you. Just kidding (don't test me)! What's great about Pearl. Love. is the way in which the pearls are displayed. There aren't any gaudy jewels or weird settings/metalwork you'd find if he went to Jared to get your pearls. It's as if someone just pulled the oyster from the ocean, popped it open, strung the black pearl on a leather string, and gave it to you. I love the rawness and simplicity of it all! It's like someone made it especially for you on a rainy Sunday afternoon after a fabulous pearl hunting trip to Tahiti. Anywho, before I get too whimsical, check out Pearl.Love. Jewelry for a nice gift for a friend, family member or loves one. It would make the most schmooze-worthy Valentine's Day present ever, and it's not that far away, ladies and gentlemen! Hope you all had a good New Years and hello 2014!!

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  1. this is awesome, thank you!! can you email us at we have a little surprise ;)

  2. Holy moly, this was so unexpected! You guys are wonderful for taking the time to even comment! I love you all!!