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Shibori Fever: Almond Surfboards Women's Collection

Almond Surfboards Women's Collection

Almond Surfboards Women's Collection by elbonner on Polyvore

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a little company called Almond Surfboards and Design completely by accident while getting lost in the seemingly infinite universe called Instagram. What I saw were a lot of beautiful, retro-shaped surfboards, some really cool vintage-modern mens clothes, and all things southern California.I was bought, hook, line, and sinker! My only qualm was that I wished they had some cool stuff for the ladies. I figured maybe I could just settle my urges by buying all that stuff for my boyfriend's birthday, but after checking their blog about two weeks ago, the heavens opened up and bestowed upon me a killer women's collection!!!

Now, I wrote a post last fall about my adventures in shibori tie-dying (traditional Japanese dying with indigo), and since my initial experience with it, I have done it again on two different occasion. My most recent one, I made some sweet pillow cases, a whole bunch of napkins, a few more dish towels, and a scarf for my mom. I love the deep dark blue you get from the indigo and trying out all the different tying patterns. When I realized Almond's women's collection was based on shibori, I nearly lost it, like "in 1999 seeing the Backstreet Boys" lost it. I would mug a tiny grandma for that surfboard too. I don't even care who knows it; look at it! The collection is comprised of blue, creamy, breezy pieces that are super simple so they can either be dressed up with accessories or they can be very subdued. Think along the lines of silk shift dresses, peasant tops, and drapey tanks. The collection also include some cool Almond logo t-shirt and sweatshirts. 

The piece de resistance is the silk shibori wrap (pictured on the bottom left) that is a deep indigo blue with an amazing circle pattern printed on the back. I'm also in love with the shibori elbow-patch sweatshirt. Ok, I'm just in love with all of it! If you're looking to inject your wardrobe with come California cool, head on over the Almond's website and take a look at what they have to offer. It will be worth it!

Proof that I love shibori so much, I sleep with it.

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