Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday Braggery: I Have The Greatest Friends and Family EVER

Sorry I've been a little MIA as of late, but I have been celebrating a lot (soooo much cake)! I had my birthday last Saturday, my dad's was last Monday, and my mom's was today so there have been lots of gift giving and receiving! Since I'm the luckiest girl on earth, I got all kinds of cool stuff from my friends and family. They know what's up! My mom and I have a little shopping trip the Friday before my name-day and I picked up a few (too many) cool things! Commence photo-collage!

 Started off the blessed week with some much-needed Trader Joe's sale-flowers to lighten the mood 

My mom and I went to World Market where I found this sweet bag for $22! I've been looking for something like it, but have found that some similar bags can cost a chunk of change. This was an ultimate find! (I apologize for my messy room and poor-quality selfie)

Went a little shoe insane here! I don't know if Toms are cool or uncool, all I know is that they have some really cool prints (hello, palm trees!) and I love them so all the haters can take a frickin' number. The Vans are also really cool. They're like a sunwashed coral color and look like they belong on the inside of a watermelon! I really likes the blue and white pair because they are almost shibori-like and serape printed flats have been on my must-get-eventually list for quite some time. Quadruple shoe-score!

I was kicked-in-the-butt-by-love by these tops from H&M's new Concious collection. They're partially made from recycled materials and are super soft and silky. Great for summer time sweat problems (people have them!). They come in these great earthy tones that are richly pigmented and look great with lots of cool accessories! I was afraid this blouse would make me look like Jerry Seinfeld and his Puffy Shirt, but it looked really good when I wore it out for my birthday dinner with my friends!
I also picked up two tank tops from the same collection, one in orange and this creamy colored one. I can't wait to pair it with some cut-off shorts and sandals once it gets a little warmer out. Great for nights out when you know it's going to be hot (no pit stains!). 

Not super exciting, but still really cool are these Andy Warhol sticky notes that I picked up at World Market. That place is like a dream come true. It has stationary, it has candles, it has jewelry, it has beer, it has English chocolate; what more could you want?! I am always using post-its and these sticky notes were just too cute to pass by!

And last, but not least, my friends spoiled me rotten with some really cool stuff! I got a custom painting with all of my favorite colors, a book all about shibori dying techniques, a loaded Starbucks card for my iced caramel "Ralph Machiattos", and a protein powder that has COFFEE IN IT to keep me hyped and ripped at the gym! But, the best present of all was getting to hang out with them all night, eating Mexican food, quoting Team America, and just shooting the shit. Because really, what more do you need?!

I had a great birthday, but it wouldn't have been a fraction as good as it was if I didn't have the great friends and family I have to celebrate it with. Those are really the greatest gifts of all! If you're special day is coming up, or if you just feel like celebrating, hit up your friends and enjoy what you've already got! Happy Sunday, everyone!

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