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It's Gotten Hot in Here: July and Summer Favorites

July and Summer Favorites

Summer is fully here and I'm loving it so far. I love the beach, the warmth, the thunderstorms, the Slurpees. Summer is just better! So far, I haven't done a whole lot or gone many places; visited friends here and there, but nothing elaborate like last summer was. Last summer will be tough to ever beat. I do find myself wishing I had a Hawaiian vacation planned, but that's a lot of planning and a lot of money and really far away. I'm not too bothered by it; I've been setting my sights on all of the cool stuff I've tried and seen this summer and I've come up with a bit of a favorites post! Onward to the favorites!

Becca Cosmetics
Luminous Skin Color Ultra Sheer Foundation Spf 25- Sheer enough, but covers enough. I'm not a fan of foundations, but I find that even most tinted moisturizers cover too much. I like my freckles to show! All I want is a dewy complexion that is being paraded around like it's actually mine. This stuff is great and I found it on Amazon Prime which is even better!

Bronzing Skin Perfector- With dry skin, using any kind of powder, even bronzer, sucks the much needed moisture from my face. This bronzing liquid/gel gives me a hint of moisture and a good bronzey color!

Kevin Murphy Hair Products
Hair Resort Beach Texturizer- I got my hair cut yesterday and my stylist used the spray version of this product on my hair and it was amazing! It smells like a dreamsicle, doesn't give you frizzy beach hair, and is just an all-around amazing hair texturizer. I had a ton of volume and it looked great even after I woke up this morning!

Photographic evidence of my awesome hair!

Powder Puff- This is the only volumizing powder that I've actually liked. It's easy to apply, doesn't feel like gum in your hair, and it's in the cutest bottle ever. My stylist used this to make my big hair even bigger and I'm in love with it now! These products are sold at salons and random places online, but check out their website to confirm where you can buy everything they have!

Supergoop Spf 50 Sunscreen- This gets an award for being the easiest sunscreen to apply that isn't a spray. My boyfriend LOVES this stuff because he is able to actually rub it in on his hairy legs and arms. Other sunscreens usually goop up and matte everything down like some sort of abandoned animal, but this stuff smells like basil and really protects you while you're out in the sun!

Cool Surfer T-Shirts
I like to surf, but I am very VERY bad at it. When my area gets waves on days when I can actually go, they're always choppy, there are rip currents everywhere, and I usually tire out and just lay on my board in the ocean for the next half hour. I make up for my lack of surfing ability by having/wanting cool t-shirts from cool little-know surf companies.

Salvage Public "Pivot Fin"- Printed on organic cotton in Hawaii, Salvage Public is all about preserving local Hawaiian surf culture. They've got some great designs and are even trying to use Hawaiian grown indigo dyes for their screens. I want all of them, I tell you, ALL OF THEM!

Salt Surf Reverse Tee- Salt Surf makes beautifully simple boards, an apparently, beautifully simple t-shirts. Salt is great in so many ways, on french fries, in the ocean, making surfboards in New York. I love this design and it comes in a couple different colors too!

Almond Surfboards Tec Specs Tee- Almond, based in Newport, CA makes beautiful boards that I would die just to see in person. They've come out with some pretty cool clothes too. And who doesn't love a good diagram? This is only one of the cool shirts I found on their website!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. And if you're in the southern hemisphere, it sucks to be you! Just kidding, have a great weekend, go to a barbeque, jump in a pool, drink some lemonade. Have fun!!

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