Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WTF, Emily: Where The Hell I've Been

I think it's safe to say that sometimes you just don't have the umph to go the extra mile. Sometimes you just want to be a lazy lump. That is where I've been the past few weeks (oops!). I had a week off from work, and even though I didn't go away on vacation, I spent my time doing stuff that I like to do. I stayed busy without having to worry about running myself ragged. At work, the week before my vacation was a scene straight out of Satan's butthole and all I wanted to do that first day off was crash and relax. I wanted my week off to be low-key and low-stress and it was! I took a few pictures so let's force you to look at those now!

We went on a ton of walks around our neighborhood.There are a bunch of hibiscus flowers blooming at the moment and I always take the time to stop in appreciate them. They make me feel like I'm some place tropical! The pink ones were in a small park on one of our walking routes and the flowers, I swear, were almost as big as my head. Hooray for freakishly big flowers!

I like that my city is old (too bad it's sinking). There's a lot of cool architecture and neat little places tucked into neighborhoods that you wouldn't see from the main roads. 

I went thrifting and found some cool records! This one is a compilation of all those songs that remind you of vintage Hawaiian news-reels and movies. I was worried that it wouldn't play, but I figured even if it didn't I could frame the cover. I got the soundtrack to South Pacific too which has a big ol' picture of Tahiti on it which is always a plus.

I ordered this book almost two months ago and Amazon finally got it in stock. It's a the "sequel" to the Surf Cafe Cookbook which is awesome. This one is more about the whole beachy lifestyle and includes ideas on decorating your house, creating a useable garden, and it also has a bunch of really good-looking recipes. Click HERE to get yours!

It was wonderful waking up later than 6:30in the morning, eating a good breakfast, getting some exercise and sunshine, and having a no-stress time with the BF. We even saw a sweet zipline park not far from us that we will probably frequent once the tourists get the heck out of here. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and denying that it will ever end. I watched The Endless Summer whilst doing my laundry and wished I lived in a place or had the ability to go to a warmer place in the colder months because last winter was the winter from Hell, but it just gives me something to look forward to in the future! Have a good week everyone!

Oh, and here's a picture of a praying mantis that landing on my windscreen and looks like a space monster attacking the city:
 All hail the Mantis!

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