Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Nails

Fall Nails

Fall Nails by elbonner featuring essie nailpolish

Fall nail polishes are always so nice. They just make you look polished (hur hur) and put together. In the summer I tend to have LSD enthusiast  Malibu Barbie nail colors that are very bright and in your face. In the fall I come down from my neon high and wear a lot of nudes, grey, and blacks because they go with almost everything and can make you look chic or edgy. These colors above are my favorite falls colors as of now. Who the hell knows if something might come along and rip all of these a new one, but these are my flavors of the moment:

Oyster Shell-MAC (fall 2011 color)
Lincoln Park After Dark- OPI
My Private Jet- OPI
Taint- Illamasqua
Samoan Sand- OPI
School Of Hard Knocks- Essie
Chinchilly- Essie
Storm Bird- NARS

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