Friday, October 26, 2012

My Day So Far

Apparently tomorrow or Sunday a gigantic storm is supposed to hit the Eastern seabord which may leave me without internet which means I'm probably going to literally die of boredom next week. I figured I'd update before what meteorologists are calling "Frankenstorm 20120" ends all of man kind. This thing is supposed to be hurricane Sandy, a No'easter and some sort of arctic blast all mixed into one huge hell-storm. The city I live in was built on swamp lands, it's sinking by a few centimeters a year and even a hour of heavy rain floods everything so blogging may be the least of my worries. Either that or nothing will happen and we'll all feel like idiots.

Today I got my Bardot on an did some winged eyeliner. I've never been very good at it and my wings are always uneven and better on one eye than the other. After watching a video by Michelle Phan, I whipped out an old gift card and used her card tracing tip to make the wings even and it totally worked! I reccommend anyone who sucks at eyeliner to watch this tutorial because it helped me out a lot:

The end result on me:
After making myself look acceptable I went to the new Whole Foods that opened locally and was overwhelmed by the amount of baked goods that were there. Two giant rolley carts full of fresh-baked cookies, TWO. I got like seven because I didn't want to overdo it since my boyfriend and I are like meth addicts in a Sudafed factory; we can't help ourselves and we can't stop. The place was way too crowded for me to stay for long. I'll go once the hype has died down and the old people/healthy moms have grown tired of going there.

Not much else has happened. I picky up some Pho-to-go and watched stuff on tv. There's a big Halloween block party down the street tonight  and as long as the rain doesn't fuck up everything I'll probably go to that.

Later Gators!

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