Monday, October 22, 2012

No Case of the Mondays Here!

My boss's son got married over the weekend and decided to take Monday and Tuesday off which means my life won't suck until Wednesday! Today started out productive, then tapered off into laziness, and ended on a productive note. I finally came around to getting my boyfriend to get a picture of me in my new shoes and jacket which then reminded me I'm probably the most un-photogenic person ever born.

Here are my new Toms. I've never owned a pair because I thought they looked as thought they'd be flimsy and too flat to be comfortable, but I really like them! It doesn't hurt to have an awesome print like this too.

After multiple attempts and failing to perfect the sock bun, I went to get food for lunch. Here's your favorite dum-dum in her new fjallraven Crinan jacket, Zara t-shirt, Levis jeans, and Toms shoes. I wore this fabulous ensemble on my way to pick up lunch. Please ignore my double chin :(

Later on, I decided to make another batch of body lotion using a bunch of fabulous skin care ingredients. This recipe had acai and cupuacu butter, plus avocado and pomegranate oil to keep me from looking like a scaley mess. No ashy elbows here!

And just as every good day off should end, I made some buttermilk biscuits from scratch. They're buttery, unhealthy, warm, and ready for a drizzle of honey tomorrow morning at breakfast.

It may not have been the most exciting day ever, but my sun-room is rid of dead plants, my house smells like biscuits and I even got a nap in. Not every day has to be earth-shatteringly crazy to feel productive and sometimes you have to break down and clean your gross shower drain hair-catcher, because now I don't have to do it tomorrow. Be productive people!

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