Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spooky Scary

It's almost Halloween and once that time comes around I like to drink Mexican hot chocolate and watch spooky music videos. Here are a few of my favorites!

"If I Had A Heart" by Fever Ray. Karen Dreijer Anderssen has awesome skull makeup that would be an awesome Halloween look! This video is dark and strange and creeps me out in a good way!

"What's a Girl To Do" by Bat For Lashes. Creepy Donnie Darko-esque animals doing sweet BMX jumps on a darkened forest road? Why that's enough to make me sleep with my covers tucked underneath my feet!

"How I Know" by Toro Y Moi. Not really creepy, but it looks almost like a Scooby Doo haunted house adventure gone wrong. It is complete with weird ghost sisters, nerdy group of boyhood friends, and choreographed dance numbers. Totally Halloweeny!

"They Made Frogs Smoke 'Til They Exploded" by Múm. Weird Henry Darger-like drawings of kids and animals, check. Drawing scary faces on said kids and animals and making them bleed, check. Strange Icelandic wizard music, triple check! Múm is absolutely experimental, but this video makes me feel weird inside!

Hope those don't keep you up all night and happy almost Halloween!

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