Monday, January 7, 2013

Take Me To The Beach And No One Gets Hurt

Samudra Bags

The Christmas tree has been taken down, it's cold, it's rainy, and I'm sick of hot coffee and want an iced one SO BAD. I'm hitting the SAD hard right now and all I've been doing is daydreaming about being back on the beach. These super cute bags from Samudra have been keeping me from running into traffic with their beautiful sunsets and palm trees. These are bug enough to hold an iPad and your usual purse essentials. I usually hate clutches because they just scream "I'm going to leave this somewhere" and never see it again, but I can't help but love these little bags. Maybe if I had a bag that helped cure my depression I'd be less apt to leave it in a Taco Bell. So if you feel like your happiness is being sucked out of you every time to leave to go to work in the dark only to drive back home in the dark, then maybe a cute beachy clutch is what you need to stay sane until summer.

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