Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As If!: Make Me Cher Horowitz

As If!
This is purely a fun post with little to no substance other than the fact that I love the movie Clueless. This genius retelling of Jane Austen's Emma was most prepubescents girl first foray into British literature without even realizing it! It just screams mid nineties and it really is hilarious. There's something about a movie that is pure fun that makes me happy.I remember watching this movie on VHS every night during the summer of 1998 that I actually wore the tape out and my VCR decided to end its misery by eating it alive right when Cher is taking her drivers test. The new campaign from Wildfox helped inspire the little collage above and I'm pretty sure this will be my new Halloween costume. I love all the little plaid skirts and knee sock outfits. Totally killer fashion sense! That's all for now, later bettys, I'm outie!

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