Friday, February 1, 2013

Da Bombre

I am just to go ahead and immediately apologize for the corny-ass title I gave this post, but it really just jumps right to my point: ombre hair is cool. One of my friend made a comment after visiting some bar in New York and describing its coolness with "it's an okay place. Girls still ombre their hair and stuff, but it's okay". It took me aback because I still think ombre is cool, doesn't everyone else? Who doesn't want to look like they spend their lives on vacation procuring free beachy highlights? Now the ombre I'm talking about and what my friend was referring are two different things; beachy hair or "I dipped my hair in bleach" hair. I prefer the former, like so:

Now, being a naturally light blonde I thought I either already had this type of hair, or my hair was too light do anything like this without dyeing my roots darker. I'm a haircolor baby and I refuse to pay salon pricesfor hair color. I also do not trust myself to color my roots well enough and I don't have the patience for the upkeep. I decided to the alternative route and lighten my ends. I went to the drugstore and bought the second lightest shade available and went to town. I foiled my hair, leaving some bits uncolored and the outcome, though not drastic, definitely lightened things up!

Please excuse the Apple Photobooth quality, makeup free, rosacea afflicted picture, but I wanted to show my finished product. I'm not sure anyone will really notice, but I think it looks natural and less dingy. My hair is dark on the bottom and light on the top and the ombre helps the two blend together a bit easier and isn't so harsh when I do half-up half-down hairdos. The color I chose was Extra Light Natural Blonde from L'Oreal Superior Preference and the conditioner that came with it was so awesome! I would buy hair color just to keep the conditioners. If you want beachy hair or just a lighten up, try the whole ombre deal. If you're afraid you'll screw up, try a YouTube tutorial or go to a stylist. Because if the stylist screws up you might get free product! Later dudes!

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