Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sew The Seeds

Holy Blog Neglect, Batman! I feel like I have done so little of substance on here lately. After confirming two actual human beings read this blog other than my boyfriend (whom I force to and quiz him on it) so I feel as if I need to step up my game. Unfortunately, this post doesn't necessarily do that, but it has a good set-up! After a macho Super Bowl Sunday consisting of eating salmon, doing my taxes, and watching Downton Abbey I realized that I need a hobby. Sitting on the computer and watching tv are great and all, but only in short spurts and I feel incredibly lazy for having nothing to show for my free time. I have no garden to tend to, I have no dog to talk, and if I keep baking things I'm going to be forced onto The Biggest Loser by my family.

So that being said, I have decided that for my hobby I want to learn to sew. There have been a million and a half times where I have moaned and groaned over not being able to find the perfect dress, swimsuit, or whatever else and have been overcome with a desire to just make that kind of stuff myself. It's a very useful hobby to have. My mom made my formal dresses for me my entire high school career. We would go to the local formal wear shop, look at the dresses I liked, and recreate them for under $100. It was incredibly satisfying wearing something gorgeous that was handmade for me at a fifth of the price of the original. I want to be able to do that for myself. Once mama gets her tax return back, I'm going to buy my little sewing machine, takes a class at a local craft shop and get to sewing! I'm pretty excited about it and hope to share some of my projects on here! Until next time, make something!

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