Friday, April 4, 2014

The Things They Carried: What's In My Bag!

Who cares, right? You would think so, but people friggin' love these types of things. I know I watch YouTube videos of people showing me what's in their purse. It's a weird, voyeuristic view into the mundane things we chose to carry with us at all times that are eerily similar, but oh-so different! I had a sexy beach photo shoot with the contents of my bag today which was only destroyed three times by the wind. Here's the end result!

The Bag

The Contents (L-R)
 iPhone with case from Society6
A Book (currently The Code by Shaun Thompson)
Fossil wallet
Rio change purse I got from Macy's last year

If you couldn't tell, my bag seems to be made up on lots of little bags inside of one bag in a vain attempt at organization. I love my bag, though. It holds everything and would be great for school/work. It's big enough to hold a laptop or a change of clothes and it even reverses to a beautiful royal blue color once summer rolls around! I like using the Samudra clutch when I don't feel like carrying a big bag and want something a little more festive!

Well, those are the secrets of my purse. I hope that interesting in any way. If not, I have certainly wasted my time and yours. Anywho, it's nice out so I'm out of here! Adios!

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