Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Holy Handbags!: Nasty Gal Edition

Holy Handbags: Nasty Gal Edition

I'm not one to deny my loves; I am a purse girl. You wouldn't really think I was because I tend to buy 1 purse a year, use it until it falls apart, and then buy another one and so-on. Deep in the chasms of mind my are constant visions of all the purses I want and it makes me feel like such a girl. It's one of the many reasons I know I'm not a butch dude trapped in a ladies body. As of right now, my favorite handbags have all come from one place: Nasty Gal! It's like they all came from the Jetsons movie; you know Judy would be all over these, taking them to go swoon over Cosmic Cosmo at The Teen Club (see the movie, people!!). Anywho, these holographic, clear vinyl, and metallic bags are off the chain. Actually, some are on a chain, but that's beside the point! So far, my favorites are the clear satchel and the silver clutch, but I wouldn't say no to any of them. I also ordered a copy of Nasty Gal founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS, because she seems like a savvy business woman who made herself and her company everything it is today (which is pure awesomeness). I posted a photo of said-purchase on Instagram and what a surprise I got a few hours later:

I have been legitimized! I can die happy now. I was pretty much riding high on that for the rest of the afternoon, even though work royally sucked. I can't wait to get my book and get girlbossy! In the meantime, take a gander at Nasty Gal's cool bag collection and get nasty on it!

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