Friday, September 28, 2012

People I Would Have Stalked In A Past Life: Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy

Staying with the whole French thing, I disclose one of my most treasured style icons. Francoise Hardy is pretty much the coolest person ever; I love her music and her style and she just exudes cool. I strive to look as fabulous is t-shirts and jeans as she did, but I continue to fail! Francoise whole appeal was effortlessly chic, something the French do very well. There's something about spending your days eating great food, looking cool, and having no expectations of being nice to people that appeals to me. And how they do that with all that cheese and wine I have no idea. Most cheese and wine encounters I have usually end up somewhere on or around the toilet, so maybe that's why they're all so thin. That's it, I've solved the mystery! You really can't go wrong with a loose blouse, jeans, leather jacket, and ankle boots. It always looks good, and since most of these items are really in this season you can find them allover the place at reasonable prices. Finish off your look with a liquid liner cat-eye and you're good to go. Just don't be like me and mess up a thousand times with practically immovable black liquid liner residue, smudged all over my face resulting in everyone asking you later that night if I've been domestically abused.

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