Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Want To Go Somewhere: Paris Edition

Fall In Paris

I didn't take eight years of high school and university level French so that I could tell people what color shirt their wearing and how to get to the bank. I took it so that one day I could run away to Paris, eat macarons, buy fancy shoes, and get wasted in one of those underground nightclubs that looks like a wine cellar/rape dungeon. The travel bug has crawled into my ear and laid eggs in my brain, like millions of them, and I'm about to explode with a sudden need for a far away vacation. I want to wear this outfit, in Paris, drinking cafe au lait at some place where people who think they are writers go. I already have a pretty well developed bitch face so I think I might fit in well in Paris. This is the first time in my life I've had the option of taking a winter/fall vacation that wouldn't make me fail some sort of class and I really want to take advantage of it! I don't think I'll end up going any time soon, but I can still pretend by wearing an outfit like this in the international section at the grocery store! Until next time, a bientôt!

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